Places on the Ark (by Portal addresses)


farmtwel original enclosure, Amnon, Axanar, Rurik, and Celine were from. Although Celine was from farmfive originally. A farming community

farmfive Junker enclosure, population wiped out by a Technomage faction. Note that Imtrex is not part of that faction not was he involved in the Junker cleansing. It is unknown at present whether any other Junkers escaped the cleansing like the Junker youth that came to farmtwel to start the campaign. This enclosure was Celine’s original home. Less of the land was used as farmland than in the Farmtwel enclosure, there was more open area. There were strange things on the farms that were there. In the main city area there were storage building with stuff like the one you found the fine clothing in. There didn't seem to be anywhere to make the stuff it was just stored there.

kpnbrdrlnd was a smaller enclosure with a large stone building set up on a hill. A mixed race group, mostly made up of “guards” live there. They welcomed the party as questors and implored them to save the keep from attacks by humanoids that lived in caves and had attacked the keep in the past. They were a little vague on when these attacks happened.

cavsfchaos a large open enclosure, wooded nearby and an unimproved road following a large river. the party followed the road and it lead to another smaller trail before continuing on. The smaller trail led to a elongated horseshoe valley with cave entrances along the walls at varying levels. In no particular order the party has faced goblins, kobolds, an ogre, giant spiders, an owlbear, At the cost of Emenemenasfa they forged an alliance with the goblinoids. They have heard stories about orcs, gnolls, a minotaur, an evil cleric and his undead minions. With the opening of the huge beyond knowledge Greyhawk enclosure this enclosure is now joined to the kpnbrdrlnd enclosure.

wayfarer the portal here ends in a hallway which leads to another different portal system where the party faced a devilish fiend and Vegepygmies and they rescued Meggan.

observthir smaller room/enclosure, row of sitting area (couches) all facing a strange clear wall. Out past the wall are a multitude of shining lights.

Places on the Ark (by Portal addresses)

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