Orthrescarto Campaign Primer


As with many things it's “grown” in the telling. Originally the campaign was going to be portals with magical stargates providing transport from place to place. Then it became portal before moving on the the current name. The start of the campaign will have echoes of Kannonar for those of you who played back then but it is a far different campaign.

All of the pcs with start in the Farmtwel enclosure. It is definitely an enclosure bounded by walls made of some unknown substance which seems to be metal and stone at the same time. No one has ever been able to damage the substance of the walls.

The enclosure houses about a thousand or so people. The racial mix is the standard D&D racial mix with one major change there is no overt hated or division between the races. Everyone does not live in perfect harmony but everyone does at least tolerate each other. When one of the rare murders does happen its over a possession or a woman not because a dwarf thought an elf was getting to hi and mighty. All of the pcs must be from a normal breeding race. The old ones, elves and dwarves, all say that the population has always been around a thousand varying only a little. The standard alignments all exist but at the start of the campaign but everyone can only be with “good tendencies” or evil tendencies” at the start of the campaign.

The enclosure is one large communal farm which raises a variety of crops. Younger dwellers live in barrack style buildings while married couples live in tiny homes. Babies are raised with their parents until they are ten and they transfer to creches. At twenty they start work and move to the barracks. There is a small town where a number of professionals reside who also form the government of Farmtwel. There are also communal areas for enclosure functions. There are few products and no money. The enclosure elders assign what every member of the enclosure gets. All other commerce is barter. There is little in the way of equipment, no non improvised weapons at the beginning and no armor.

Any required equipment will be handled on a case by case basis.

There are regular “gatherings” a voice will speak from the air and list excess crops that are to be deposited into the portal a small featureless room that appears when the portal opens, the only marring of the walls of the enclosure. The crops are always those that the enclosure has in excess and the voice will call out for requests and equipment beyond the capabilities of the craftsmen can be gained or medicines to heal the sick.

The junkers also come through the portals. They come to demand food or equipment, men or women who are taken and never return. They wear strange cloth which protects them from throne rocks and bear sticks of metal which cut. Worst of all are the metal men who follow their orders and have invulnerable skin and fell fists.

Wizardry and priests are known but they are not called that they are the touched. Any spell casters are devoid of most of their trappings. Only two “gods” are known, Mordy and Tensy, both seem annoyed by there names but it is known they grant small powers from somewhere unseen.

I think that covers most of the high points I can answer other questions later. Its getting late and I want to get this sent out.

Orthrescarto Campaign Primer

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