List of Factions (the ones discovered so far)


Fiends made up of an alliance of devils, yugoloths, and demons

Technomages wizards that can interact with technology, note that there are at least five factions of technomages and independents, they are in competition with each other but do not actively oppose each other. Some independents may act against other technomages.

Descendants the descendants of the original crew of the Ark

A.I. and Machine Intelligences a mixed bag of small groups and many (mostly) independents. There are many temporary groups and alliances. Some of the A.I. are housed in Android bodies, the Machine Intelligences live on the Arks web, and some of those can temporarily inhabit artificial bodies to interact with the “real world”. This transference can be partial, there is still a connection to the Ark web, or total, there is no connection with the Ark web and the Intelligence could be trapped and “killed” in the form it inhabits.

Ark A. I. note this is not a true A.I. and has not been heard from directly for a looong time. Or at least until recently when it announced the Ark had breached the galactic rim. 

Star (Space) Travelers descendants from other ships on the Ark or originals if they were in stasis like Megan

Junkers mixed race group known for stealing and using others technology, most of their power comes from control of the Metal Men (robots).


List of Factions (the ones discovered so far)

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